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Testing Plan

The testing log and scripts document the major areas of Advance that should be tested. It is only necessary to test what you use. In other words, if your campus does not use Membership then you do not need to test Membership.

The testing log will serve as your guide. Start at the top of the page with ‘New Entity’ and work your way down. The plan is designed to use the entities created in scripts 1.1 and 1.2 for subsequent tests. You are not limited by this, however. If there are particular entities you would like to use for the purpose of addressing different scenarios, feel free. You are also not limited to testing only what is in the testing log. If you do something that’s not on the testing log, as long as it’s operational at the time of testing you are free to test it (and we hope you will).

The scripts and logs are for your benefit; it is not necessary to turn them in to the system office. They are there to guide you and give you a tool to track your work. We would ask that you document the ID you are using for any given test as well as which web browser and version you are using. This will help us troubleshoot when issues arise.